SiteBrowser download

Latest version of SiteBrowser is 2.2

Latest ported to JDK 1.0 version of SiteBrowser is 2.0p.005. (Not supported anymore)
( If you are not sure which of the two versions to download, read more about compatibility)

Download applet only (main version): (size: 23620 bytes, last modified at 29 March 2002)

Download applet only (version 2.0p.005 ported to JDK 1.0): (size: 22721 bytes, last modified at 29 March 2002) This version correspond to main version 2.0.008 and don't support scrolling and multiline items.This version also requires a KEY which is provided free of charge on a request.

Download applet+examples+documentation (main version 2.2): (size: 331865 bytes, last modified at 29 March 2002)

All files are zip archives and can be unpacked with appropriate utility, for example winzip. After downloading and unpacking read license terms carefully. You must accept them before you start using SiteBrowser. Thank you for your interest. If you decide to use SiteBrowser, please find time to contact me and drop a small note (even if you donīt ever think of registering).

If you decide to use ported to JDK 1.0 version, and are modifying one of the examples, remove the SiteBrowser.jar file and replace it with classes, contained in And don't forget to remove archive="SiteBrowser.jar" from applet tag in your html file.

Last modified 29 March 2002   (c) by Mark Novozhilov <>