Contacting SiteBrowser author

Most easy way to contact me is through e-mail. Write me at Mark S. Novozhilov <>.
You may write in English, German or Russian.

As a registered user of SiteBrowser you are granted usage support per e-mail (usually within 24 hours).  Non-registered users will mostly rely on documentation and examples.

If you want report a bug, or can't get applet or a feature of it working, put a detailed enough description of your problem and provide your html and tree files as attachments or even better an URL where I can verify the problem. Mails like "Applet not working! Help!" or "Your applet have errors!" with no additional information will be most likely ignored. Also before you write me a mail, look through SiteBrowser FAQ.

If you like just say "thank you" but can't afford registration, your small comment is still welcome. If you plan to use SiteBrowser on your page, please have time to drop me a small note with URL of your site.