SiteBrowser compatibility

SiteBrowser is downloadable in two versions: main version with all features described in the documentation, and version ported to JDK 1.0 (available for download but not suppoirted any more). Main version is JDK 1.1 complient. What does it mean? It means that it will work under following platforms/browsers:
- Internet explorer 4.0 and higher under windows/mac
- Netscape Communicator version 4.07 and higher under windows, linux, solaris (all systems I tested personally)
- any other browser which is JDK 1.1 complient.

The version ported to JDK 1.0 will work on all platforms/browsers described above, but in addition it works on:
- Internet explorer 3.0
- Netscape navigator 3.0 and higher
- Netscape Communicator under mac (tested at version 4.72)

Using any of the versions has it's own advantages and disadvantages.
Main version:
- loads significally faster, because all classes are jarred into one archive
- has all features enabled
- Seem not to work older mac's on even latest version of netscape communicator, which seem not to support JDK 1.1 :-( You will most definitely use this version in intranet solutions where you are sure there are no users with mac/netscape combination.

Ported version:
- Is more compatible with different platforms/browsers. Move to this version for example, if you care about old mac users be able to see your navigation
- It loads significally slower, because helper classes can't be packed into one archive
- It lacks some features like vertical scroller
- It is not officially supported any more