Highly customizable navigator applet

Brief description:

On the left you see a sample of my applet. Feel free to browse through the topics, thought none of the links work  As you see every level of the tree structure can have its own font and triangle color, topics with links attached are drawn underlined (customizable). Cursor changes to a hand when it's over such topic, and the URL is displayed in status line. Tree structure is a simple text file, which is also passed as a parameter to this applet. You may use this applet with no restriction if you pass correct the "Author" parameter to the applet.

Download SiteBrowser.zip , which include:

SiteBrowser.class - Applet itself (JDK 1.1 and above compatible)

Tree.class - helper class needed for the Applet tow work

tree.txt - sample of a tree structure

bg.jpg - sample background image

SiteBrowser.html - sample html that use this Applet

If you decide to use my applet or have any suggestion or special wish, how to improve this applet, please write me to Mark Novojilov <lordmark@lordmark.de>


Applet parameters:

Parameter Description
AUTHOR Author of this applet, must be exactly (case sensitive) "Mark S. Novojilov (lordmark@lordmark.de)" for the applet to work
TREE URL of a tree structure file to be used (default is tree.txt)
BGCOLOR Background color, format "rrggbb" (default is C0C0C0)
BGIMAGE Background image URL (optional)
TEXT Text color, format "rrggbbrrggbb_" or "rrggbbrrggbb", first goes text color, then active text color, then "_" if you want the links to be underlined (default is "00007f7f0000_"). Active text color is used when the cursor is over the link.
TARGET Target window for the links (default is "_self")
  • "_self" - show in the current frame
  • "_top" - show in the topmost frame
  • "_parent" - show in the parent frame
  • "_blank" - show in a new unnamed top-level window
  • "name" - show in a window named name
BORDER Border space (default is "5")
ADVANCE Advance in pixels for next sublevel (default is "12")
FONTn Defines Font for sublevel n (1-16, 1 for top level) and all subsequent levels if not explicitly redefined. Format is "fontname style size". Default is "TimesRoman 2 14". Font names are case-sensitive. Possible font names are (may differ depending on browser or JDK version, additional fonts may be available.):
  • Dialog
  • SansSerif
  • Serif
  • Monospaced
  • Helvetica
  • TimesRoman
  • Courier
  • DialogInput

Possible styles are:

  • 0 - plane
  • 1 - bold
  • 2 - italic
  • 3 - bold italic
SHAPEn Defines shape displayed to the left from items which have subitmes. Defines shape for sublevel n (1-16, 1 for top level) and all subsequent levels if not explicitly redefined. Format is ">rrggbbrrggbb". ">" states for triangle-the only shape currently available (other shapes may be added in the future). Then wollows shape color and active shape color. Active shape color is used when the cursor is over the shape.

Last modified 02.03.2000   Mark Novojilov <lordmark@lordmark.de>