SiteBrowser tree example: color blending, autocollapsing and vertical scrolling

Notes: Clicking on a text will show link in a new window, expand or collapse items by clicking on triangles on the left to them. Shift-click on a triangle will expand item and all it's subitems. As you see, SiteBrowser is capable of vertical scrolling. You may use arrow keys up and down to scroll items.

Applet Applet parameters
<applet width="200" height="400" code="SiteBrowser.class"
<param name="author" value="Mark S. Novozhilov (">
<param name="bgcolor" value="a3693b">
<param name="bgimage" value="bgimages/bg_skelett.jpg">
<param name="font1" value="TimesRoman 1 18">
<param name="font2" value="TimesRoman 0 14">
<param name="font3" value="Helvetica 2 12">
<param name="icon0" value="iafaf00ffff00">
<param name="icon1" value="oafaf00ffff00">
<param name="shape0" value="Vffafffff0000">
<param name="shape2" value="P00ff00ff0000">
<param name="target" value="_self">
<param name="scroller" value="O16">
param name="text" value="ffff007f0000">
<param name="highlight" value="601f00ffb0ffff00">
<param name="ralign" value="full">
<param name="autocollapse" value="yes">
<param name="tree" value="tree_scroller.txt">

Click to look at tree_scroller.txt.

(c)2000 by Mark S. Novozhilov <>