SiteBrowser menu example: menu with scroll items

Notes: Clicking on a text will show link in a new window, item expand automatically when you move into it with mouse cursor. A menu on a banner, with custom items.

Applet Parameters <applet width="550" height="120" code="SiteBrowser.class"
param name="author" value="Mark S. Novozhilov (">
<param name="bgcolor" value="8d83e4">
<param name="bgimage" value="bgimages/bg1.jpg">
<param name="target" value="_self">
<param name="text" value="ffff007f0000">
<param name="highlight" value="601f00ffb0ffff00">
<param name="border" value="0">
param name="hspace" value="20">
param name="menulayout" value="yes">
param name="mouseover" value="yes">
param name="smoothdown" value="20">
param name="smoothup" value="40">
param name="autocollapse" value="yes">
<param name="tree" value="tree_scrolls.txt">

Click to look at tree_scrolls.txt.

(c)2000 by Mark S. Novozhilov <>