SiteBrowser tree example: custom icons

Notes: Clicking on a text will show link in a new window, expand or collapse items by clicking on the books on the left to them. Shift-click on a book will expand item and all it's subitems. In SiteBrowser you can specify your own icons for each item (up to four stages: normal collapsed, highlighted collapsed, normal expanded, highlighted expanded).

Applet Applet parameters
<applet width="200" height="400" code="SiteBrowser.class"
<param name="author" value="Mark S. Novozhilov (">
<param name="bgcolor" value="f4e5ba">
<param name="bgimage" value="bgimages/bg1.jpg">
<param name="font1" value="TimesRoman 1 18">
<param name="font2" value="TimesRoman 0 14">
<param name="font3" value="Helvetica 2 12">
<param name="target" value="_self">
<param name="text" value="ffff007f0000">
<param name="highlight" value="4000000060ffff00">
<param name="ralign" value="full">
<param name="vspace1" value="4">
param name="vspace2" value="1">
param name="autocollapse" value="yes">
<param name="tree" value="tree_icons.txt">

Click to look at tree_icons.txt.

(c)2000 by Mark S. Novozhilov <>