Welcome to SiteBrowser homepage!

SiteBrowser is a highly customizable applet, which can be used by web designers to provide easy and fast navigation with advanced visual quality. It is especially useful for complex-structured web contents, but can also be used just to create specific look and feel of Your pages. Basically it displays items that are organized in a tree-like structure, each item can have an icon(shape), text or image, link and target window for the link. The applet uses JDK 1.1 which ensures compatibility with most up-to-date browsers/platforms. Additionally somewhat older version 2.0p.005 is available based on JDK 1.0. Read more about the applet's features, or browse through examples. One of the examples is the navigation on the left. Among features are: two main layouts, either vertical tree or horizontal menu, advanced visual quality with smoothed dropdown, smoothed shapes and color blending, support for custom hand drawn icons or/and item content, support for vertical scroll bar. SiteBrowser is free for any kind of use, either commercial or non-commercial. But you may also register this software (private users for US $19, commercial companies for US $49, see license terms for more information). Non-registered users are not granted any usage support and must rely on provided documentation and examples. Registered users are granted some usage support and additionally may ask the author to provide the source code (only applies for the latest applet version, currently 2.2). The source code may be modified or not according to the licese (private or commercial). You may also use the old version 1.0, which is also completely free but is not supported any more.

What's new:

29 March 2002 -   The licensing and usage terms have changed, see license terms for more information. There is also a topic for owners of the old licenses.The ported to JDK 1.0 versions are not supported any more but are still available for download. Along with this new licensing the new version 2.2 of the applet is released. This version is fully compatible to the previous 2.1.1 but some piece of code is completely rewritten. Please report all bugs. The KEY parameter is also obsolete with this completely free version.


18 February 2002 -   I am about to change licensing within two months! The changes in short: after the change anyone could use the applet without registering, regardless of commercial or non-commercial purpose. The link to my site will not appear in non-registered versions. Registering just ensures support from my side; non-registered users don't get any support at all, they just get the download package with the applet executable and current docs+examples. Registered users will have usage support and additionally depending on the license (19$ private or 49$ commercial) they may ask for the source code of the applet. In the case of private license the source just can be viewed for study purpose, in the case of commercial license one can modify the sources to accomodate their needs. The source code may not be distributed to third parties in any case. Current owners of the licenses may apply this new license to their old one's; they also get the source code according to described terms. Owners of multiple licenses get premium support on the source code as a bonus (normally the source code though documented will be provided "as is" without any support).


24 December 2000 -   New information for Mac users. Read carefully, especially if you don't see the navigation the left frame. On http://www.apple.com/java/ there is MRJ 2.2.3 available, a java VM plug in, compatible to JDK 1.1.8. With this plug in and Internet Explorer 5.0 you will be able to use my applet in it's main version (currently 2.1.1) and in fact any other applet will work much better with it. Here a quote from their pages:
Applications such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Apple Applet Runner work with MRJ. Current versions of Netscape Communicator and Navigator up to and including 4.7 use their own internal Java virtual machine and cannot be configured to use MRJ. Apple and Netscape are working together to develop a future version of Netscape’s browser that will use MRJ.
I am not sure about Netscape 6, if it is available for Mac and if it uses MJR too.


15 November 2000 -   Versions 2.1.1 and 2.0p.005 are   available for download. They contain a small fix to ensure the applet working under newly released Netscape 6. Netscape 6 has few instabilities, but this fix at least makes the applet working, so I strongly recommend to upgrade to this versions, if you want the Netscape 6 users be able to see your pages. I also tested this version in Opera 4.02 and they worked fine as well. Let me know if the version 2.1.1 finally works under Mac with Netscape 6. If not, MAC users should use 2.0p.005. With release of MacOs X, the main version 2.1.1 will finally work under Mac then (at least I strongly belive so).


22 September 2000 -   Version 2.1.0 released and ready for download. This is a major update with two big features added:
- fully customizable verticall scrollbar
- multiline items, up to four lines. "$$" act as a newline within item text

Examples "simple" and "scroller" demonstrate this new capabilities. Documentation is updated.
Total code revision allowed the new version to be barely bigger then previous, while offering much more! Also new in this version:
- More shapes in more sizes are available
- Reset() and CollapseAll() public functions are available and can be
called from javascript.
- parameters BGOFFSETX, BGOFFSETY to display background image with specified offset (makes it easier to integrate applet's area into bigger area with same image)

- Applet is not displaying any more it's name and version while loading. You can see the version by removing the KEY parameter.
Waiting for your feedback on the new version, hope you like it!


28 July 2000 -  Released SiteBrowser 2.0.008 and SiteBrowser 2.0p.004. New in this versions:
- Corrected bug that concerned wrong right margin alignment
- Corrected small glitch when using VSPACE2 > VSPACE1
- Implemented workaround, that hopefully correct the problem of not loading the applet when visiting the applet page second time after a while. Actually browser's bug in java implementation not working right with cached files.
- Added EXPANDDELAY parameter, time in milliseconds before an item expands when moving with mouse into it. If the user moves the cursor before this time exceed, the item will not expand. Probably more useful in tree layout.

- Added server names aliasing support for KEY parameter, documentation is updated.


9 Apr 2000 -  Woo-hoo!! Site is completely operational, release version available for download. Look through 7 cool examples which demonstrate applet capabilities. Registering is available too. Beta version is removed from the site.